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NaturaTech Policy Lab


The NaturaTech Policy Lab Program is designed to explore and develop cutting-edge policy prototypes and policy sandboxes to inform policy innovation and new governance frameworks in LAC that drive new and better approaches to biodiversity conservation and regeneration.


This program aims to bridge the gap between policy-making and on-the-ground biodiversity innovation by prototyping new policies and integrating frontier practices that reflect the latest advancements in science and technology.

The program aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and sustainability in biodiversity conservation by leveraging biodata. It seeks to create a robust framework where biodata not only informs decision-making but also drives investment in regenerative practices.

The success of this program relies on strong collaborations with local communities, technology partners, and policymakers. By creating collaborative biodata exchange mechanisms for the common good in partnership with Indigenous communities, we aim to prototype models of biodata governance. These models will address common planetary challenges, ensuring the sustainability and resilience of current and future generations of all living beings.

End Goal

The initial phase involves creating the framework and establishing the rules of engagement for biodata governance. This includes developing guidelines and policies that will inform public policies on data use across LATAM. The program emphasizes the purposeful use of biodata and technologies, ensuring that these guidelines are grounded in traditional wisdom while incorporating innovative solutions to address common global challenges.


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