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Conservation rooted in

Purposeful Technology, Wisdom and Collective Action


We’re here to bridge the gap between the potential of purposeful cutting-edge digital technologies, inclusive strategies, and biodiversity action.

NaturaTech LAC is an initiative spearheaded by IDB Lab, co-led by C Minds' Future of Earth Lab, and financed by the French Government (through IDB- France’s Natural Capital Lab), and Climate Collective, among others.

It enhances the effectiveness, scalability, and transparency of biodiversity conservation and regeneration action and innovative and regenerative sustainable finance by fostering purposeful cutting-edge technologies and inclusive strategies in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region. This is by enabling pioneering projects, bridging cross-boundary wisdom and knowledge, and supporting mechanisms to transform discoveries into policy for a nature-centered future.

Moreover, NaturaTech LAC advances innovative and equitable approaches that fast-forward local green efforts and the achievement of global commitments and targets, such as the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).  It is an effort to safeguard nature with a systemic and social justice lens, leveraging Nature-based solutions (NbS), which have the potential to provide up to 30% of climate change mitigation.  

At the core of its ethos, NaturaTech LAC is dedicated to leading a transformation rooted in the ethical use of technology, the respect for, and the well-being of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, and all lifeforms, and recognizes the importance of understanding local needs, contexts, and the diverse nature of the LAC region, which drives every aspect of our mission. Read more here


Our systemic approach 

Discover and support
pioneering applications

We support and fund innovative applications of cutting-edge technologies and trusted digital infrastructures to enable and scale high-integrity conservation and regeneration action.

Upskill practitioners
and decision makers

We enhance the capabilities of innovation through emerging tech literacy programs for practitioners and other key stakeholders. We bridge ancestral wisdom and high-tech knowledge. We make new digital technologies accessible to green practitioners.

Drive cross-boundary
collaborations and
policy innovation

We curate cross-boundary and multi-stakeholder collaborations for better flow of resources, tools, and input. We enable mechanisms for policy innovation for naturetech and nature-centered economies.


We thank our global and regional financers and collaborators

Discovery at IDB Lab leads initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean fostering solutions and entrepreneurship for climate and biodiversity. We are glad to spearhead NaturaTech LAC, which focuses on community impact, technology, and partnerships to innovate on protecting the planet. 

César Buenadicha

Chief Discovery Officer, IDB Lab

Nature is the link between humans and all other living things. With recent advancements in digital technologies and data, we have new opportunities to co-create thriving local economies, leveraging tech to support the preservation and regeneration of nature by building an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovations across Latin America and the Caribbean. NaturaTech LAC is centered around a multi-stakeholder participatory approach to build sustainable nature tech solutions by and for local communities in LATAM.

Anna Lerner Nesbitt

CEO, Climate Collective

As advancements progress with emerging technologies, if adopted ethically, they are expected to become game changers for biodiversity protection and restoration efforts. This becomes especially important to explore in Latin America and the Caribbean as it is the biodiversity powerhouse of the world. NaturaTech LAC stands at the nexus of socio-technological innovation and nature's intrinsic value, paving the way for a new era of cooperation and reciprocity.

Constanza Gómez Mont

Head, NaturaTech LAC; 

Founder C Minds

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